N-30DC Nylon Hybrid

Aloha John! My Pono hybrid arrived in perfect condition yesterday. Gorgeous guitar with a sound to match. I love these guitars!
Mahalo. Best to you and Ko'olau...
TT, Thailand


O-15 Parlor

Aloha John...just wanted to let you kno received the guitar before 11am NJ time on Wednesday,  which is amazing in itself.  It's pretty hard to put it down but I have to every now and then.  It is a beautiful piece of work that pictures and on line can not capture.  I am very pleased and excited to own one of your instruments.  It plays easy and sounds amazing. I can only imagine how it will do both as time goes on.  It is well worth the wait and it's been a pretty significant wait for me.  Was supposed to play out tonite but it was cancelled.  Good. I can play it home.  Just wanted to let you guys know my initial reaction to a great instrument with a great case at a great price!!!!  Keep up the amazing work...    Beautiful guitar!!!!
AD,  New Jersey


OP-30DC Parlor
Hello John, just a short note to say thank you for the guitar. I have to say that it is a lovely instrument and everything I hoped it would be. I have only had the opportunity to play it for just over an hour yesterday evening. My initial thoughts were that it seems to like a plectrum being used with it, very bright and responsive to the touch. I'm a finger picker mainly and that was a bit of a surprise for me. And loud! That was also a bit of a surprise for such a small instrument. The bass tones are really nice and warm, which I appreciated, as I play a fair amount of ascending and descending runs when picking. The guitar feels really comfortable and the size is perfect, I almost don't notice it in my arms when playing. The neck is a little wider than I'm used to but I shall get used to that soon enough.
So John it looks as if your Pono will become my new go to guitar. If after a few months I still feel the same, then I expect that I may be selling two Martins and a Lowden.
AD, Edinburgh, Scotland


OP-30DC Parlor
I don't pick up a new guitar that sounds this good very often.  I can't wait to get some miles on it.  Thanks for a great guitar, I'll grow old with this one.
MH, Salina, Kansas

N-30DC Nylon Hybrid

I received delivery of my new N-30DC Nylon Hybrid guitar two days ago, on Wednesday, just as you promised.  After bonding with it for two days, I must say that it is everything I hoped it would be.  Appearance, finish, tone, and playability are first rate.  I particularly like its deep, resonant bass, missing from other nylon stringed guitars that I tried.  Trebles are sweet, pure, and bell-like.  And, the transition from the steel string guitar I have played for the past 35 years took only hours, at most. I now move from one to the other seamlessly, without effort.  
thank you for creating such a wonderful instrument.
GS, Hammonton, New Jersey 

N-30DC Nylon Hybrid

I just received my guitar, and all I can say is WOW!   It's absolutely stunning and is everything you said it was.  It's perfect for me and I couldn't be happier.  Thanks so much for making such as quality instrument at an affordable price.I actually have a Taylor 214ce-N, a Cordoba C-10 Crossover, and a La Patrie Concert CWqi.  I hve been evaluating them, and was considering keeping two of them, but decided they are all going back. 
RL, Binghamton, New York

CS-10V Grand Concert Paniolo

Hey ya'all (that's how Aloha translates in Georgia).   I want to make sure you guys know how much I appreciate my new Pono guitar (CS-10V).  I've been searching for VERY long time for an acoustic guitar I'm happy with.  I've tried them all, from the cheapo's to the expensives ..... and the in-betweens.  I'm not going to bash "the others" except to say, they ALWAYS left me wanting. I'll keep this short (because I could go on and on).  It's a good thing you guys started making acoustic guitars, or I probably would have kept searching and spending and searching again and spending again, etc. forever.  But now, I have ONE acoustic guitar ....  a Pono, and it's the ONLY acoustic guitar I'm interested in.  I'm considering finding a priest willing to marry a man to this guitar.  You know?  To make it official !Buying a guitar and not being happy with it is  .... a .... DRAG !  Conversely, buying a guitar and being completely happy with it IS A DREAM COME TRUE .....Thanks and PLEASE keep making folks like me happy for a LONG, LONG time,
Mark, Rosewell, Georgia

John, received the guitar yesterday (CS-10VC).  All I can say is that I love it !    It is such a unique looking guitar, and sounds and plays great.  I've bought a lot of guitars that sounded "boxy" when I first got them, but this guitar sounded really good right from the first chord.  I'm glad I took the plunge.  I can definitely see another Pono guitar in my future.  Keep up the excellent work.  It will pay off. A satisfied customer,
ME, Wichita, Kansas

O-20 Parlor

I received my Pono O-20 yesterday and it’s beautiful and sounds great.  I’ll love it as much as my Pono MT.  You are making amazing instruments!  And I love that you don’t stain the wood.   Keep that up!
JK,  Germany



            GA-30 Grand Auditorium

Aloha John, with much anticipation I received my Pono OOOO-30DC this morning.  I am very very happy.  It sings with a crisp, focused and sweet voice.  Trebles are sparkling, and cushioned with the defined and sustaining bass that makes a complex piano sound (and consistently in the upper frets).I am very impressed with the construction and finishing, and the woods are gorgeous.  It came out of the box almost in tune and that I consider a testimony of your craftsmanship and quality of woods.I plan to do a more detailed review later on the AGF, and at this time I have only positive things to say.And already thinking about my next Pono guitar ….. can’t help it!
WT,  Hong Kong


            OP-30DC Parlor

I’m always bragging about my Pono and send them (AGF members) to your videos.  Really love my new OP-30DC.
PS,  Georgia, USA


            C-10DC Grand Concert

My Concert OOO-10DC arrived today as scheduled.  Packaging, case, and guitar are in perfect shape!  …… I’ve been playing for 2 hours!Top shelf beauty, set-up just about perfect, and I instantly bonded with it.  WOW!  Thanks,
BN, Michigan



            OP12-30 12 String Parlor

Been playing my OP12, parlor 12 string over coffee this morning.  I’m struck at what a remarkable guitar this is.  It’s as if you’ve stripped away all the stuff I’m been dealing with managing a 12-string guitar all these years, and revealed the essential guitar. Awesome service and great guitar.  Rich and well defined tone.
JK, Ohio



            C-10V Grand Concert

Hi John, I just received my OOO-10V (C-10V) and like the others, it’s a beauty.  Plays so nicely, and sounds like no other guitar I am aware of, in many ways.  My guitar teacher was mighty impressed with the sound and build quality, and the price.
SC, Oregon

            GA-30 Grand Auditorium

Hey John, got my guitar today (OOOO-30SP).  Lovely instrument, setup is spot on, and it sounds great.
JB Charlotte, North Carolina



            OP-10 Parlor

Hey John, I received my guitar today and it’s in perfect condition (OP-10D).  the action is perfect for me as well as the string spacing.  I love the tone.  It is not boxy at all and plays similar to my Taylor 414 LTD Rosewood.I’m 100% happy/satisfied with my purchase.  I’ve played 100’s of guitars and this one is top shelf. This guitar will receive years of lap time.  The setup of the guitar is perfect also, not even the slightest snag when tuning, which was near pitch perfect out of the box.  That is impressive considering the differences in Hawaii and Pennsylvania climate. Lastly, mahalo for the personal customer service I received from you and Danny. 
BK, York, PA



I don’t just like the way my guitar (OP-10C) sounds,I love it !Thank you John, it is “pono” indeed.  Big sound for its size, and has way more bark and bass than I expected.  This guitar sings !   There is clarity between the notes, yet still also superb sustain.  Also when punched out loud (as I sometimes want to do) the sound rings clear and strong all through the spectrum … nice.In tune sir, and mahalo to you and yours,
TE,  Ontario, Canada


             C-10DC Grand Concert

The fit and finish of my new Pono C-10DC (OOO) is excellent (as good as any Taylor).  I’ve never bought a guitar where I didn’t have to adjust the nut and saddle (you must have read my mind).  The sound is clear and intonation seems correct.  I’m happy with the value.  I’ve given up on pricy guitars, no different, outside of the cost and ornamentation.
CD, Camdenton, Missoui

            OP-30DC Parlor

            Aloha John, I received my new Pono parlor last night and had a chance to play it a bit.  I am thrilled with this guitar.  The tone, playability, and craftsmanship - all stunning!  
            You are passionate about guitars and it shows.  I am really happy with my purchase.      
            The woods are as gorgeous as the tone.
           JS, Larkspur, California 

           O-20 Parlor

           Thank you for a great guitar (O Parlor).  Nice, sweet, and warm sounding.  Excellent quality and craftsmanship.  I have never seen or played such a great guitar, especially for this amount of money. 
           PK, Germany

           OP-30DC Parlor

           I have just received my guitar ..... and i am very, very impressed.  And the guitar is still in tune.  The action and set-up straight from out of the box is brillian, better than my Martin CEO-7 was arrival.  
           Tone-wise it seems punchy and full, bright, but sweet souinding.  This is a really lovely little guitar. Many thanks again for all your help throughout, including great, easy, personal service.  
           PF, Paris France

          OP-15 DC Parlor     

          I received the guitar today (OP-15DC Parlor).  Wow, it is really a neat guitar and I am very pleased with it.  I have several OO size martins and it stands right in there with any of them.  It is beautiful.  
          Thank you for producing such a nice guitar. 
I have never held anything you had anything to do with that was in anyway inferior.  I love Pono and Ko'olau.
          JB, USA