O-20 Parlor Mahogany

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O-20 Parlor Mahogany


Pono O-20 Mahogany Parlor Guitar

O-20 Mahogany Parlor Guitar

Top, Back, and Sides:  Solid Mahogany

Top and Back Binding:  Rosewood

Headstock:  Solid

Fingerboard and Bridge:  Rosewood

Nut and Saddle:  Bone

Rosette:  Rope Marquetry Inlay

Body Width:  13 1/2 inches

Scale Length:  24 3/4 inches

Body to Neck:  12th Fret

Finish:  Gloss

Case:  Hardshell



Pono O-20 Parlor Guitar

The O-20 is part of the"Basic" Parlor Series.  A professional guitar, made of all solid woods, but without as much fancy stuff. 

The other guitars in the Basic series are the O-10 Acacia and O-15 Mango.  Each has a distinctly different beauty, tone, and volume.   

All techniques of construction and materials for the O-10, O-15, and O-20 are the same high quality as all other Pono Guitars.  The headstock is solid rather than slotted.   Nut and saddle are Bone. 

The O-20 model is made of Mahogany.   Mahogany has been used in guitar making for hundreds of years. And still   considered one of the finest of guitar woods. Tone is warm, clear, and balanced.  The natural color of Mahogany is light red brown, but an interesting characteristic of Mahogany is how it changes through the years.  When new it has a beautiful silky grain.  And the color is a reddish brown, but not as dark as most of us have seen in mahogany guitars.  

What happened the past one hundred years is that nearly every guitar manufacturer has been staining their mahogany dark.  Rarely will you see a mahogany guitar with it's natural color. They are almost always stained dark red brown. And so dark red brown has become the identifying mark of mahogany.  But mahogany is not naturally dark.  

A beautiful phenomena happens naturally to mahogany as it ages.  The exposure to ultra violet light causes the wood to darken.  Within only a few months you will notice natural mahogany becoming darker.  And after a few years there is such a dramatic change, you will wonder if it's still the same piece of wood.  

But a problem is that this transition is not noticeable when the wood is stained. When stained it has a muddy brown color.  And the beautiful silky grain lines are lost and and masked over with pigmenting stain.  But when not stained, mahogany is an absolutely beautiful wood. 

Another interesting factor about mahogany is tone.  Again, mahogany seems to "mutate" in color and tone more than any other species of wood. All woods change, but especially mahogany. Simply play a new mahogany guitar compared to one from the 1960's or older. It ages like fine wine.  The goal of any luthier is to attempt to make a new guitar sound old.  This involves high quality construction, but also time and use.   

The O-20 is made of all solid woods, no laminates, no plastics, a bone nut and saddle, and high quality tuners.   

Additional Information

Model O-20 Parlor Mahogany
Dimensions 46x20x9
Finish Satin
Package Includes Hardshell arched top wooden case- Shipping and Custom setup.

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