CS-10V Concert Vintage Paniolo

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CS-10V Concert Vintage Paniolo

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Pono CS-10V Concert Vintage Paniolo Guitar 

  • Solid Acacia Top, Back and Sides

  • Top and Back Tamarind (Wi'awa awa) binding

  • Ebony Fingerboard & Bridge

  • Ebony Bridge Pins

  • Rope Marquetry Rosette

  • 15 inch wide body (OOO)

  • Slotted Headstock

  • 24 3/4" Scale Length

  • 12 th  fret to body

  • 1 3/4" width at nut

  • 12th fret Paniolo inlay (Paniolo is the Hawaiian name for Cowboy)

  • Bone Nut and Saddle

  • Gloss Finish




Pono CS-10V Concert Vintage Paniolo Guitar

Paniolo is the Hawaiian word for cowboy.  Our CS-10V is reminiscent of some of the original guitars of old Hawaii. Simple designs, rope marquetry inlay, red brown color tones of Acacia, and a warm beautiful tone.  

Body woods are solid Acacia, similar to Acacia Koa, but this species of Acacia is Acacia Preta.  Color and tonal properties are similar for all Acacia woods.

Wi'awa awa is what we use for the binding. A more common name is Tamarind.  This tree was Queen Liliokalani's favorite tree, and she had it planted at her government palace in Honolulu in the late 1800's, where it remains to this day.  

Guitars similar to the Pono CS-10V were part of Hawaii history in the later part of the 1800's.   Prior to this time there were no stringed instruments in Hawaii. Ceremonies and festive occasions included percussive impliments, usually tapping on seasoned squash gourds.  In 1794, as a gift, General Vancouver gave several head of cattle to King Kamehameha.  Nice gesture, but no one here knew how to care or manage cattle, especially big long horn steer.   

A year later Vancouver realized that a change was necessary if they were going raise cattle in Hawaii.  They were running wild, destroying everything, themselves becoming diseased, and dying.   So the first thing he asked the King to do was to put a 10 year "kapu" (ban) on killing any cattle, to legally leave them alone.  Hawaiians love to eat, so this was not an easy task.  But if they were caught and did kill one, the punishment was death  (old Hawaii was not quite as sweet and tranquil as the tourist guides portray). 

The ban was apparently accepted by the King, and then for good measure he decided to increase the ban for another 35 years.  However the problem was, after 35 years there were over 25,000 cattle roaming the hillsides, destroying forests, crops, and even killing people. And no one knew how to control cows.

So what's this got to do with guitars?   In 1832 the king lifted the ban.  General Vancouver, in cooperation with King Kamehameha invited cowboys, or vaqueros (as the Mexicans called them), from California (back then there was no California, it was still called Mexico) to assist in herding cattle.   Along with their "cowboy" skills, they also brought with them horses and guitars.  

These Mexican cowboys were good musicians, however, teaching a crash course in playing guitar to the locals was difficult, since priority was given to tending to cattle.  In time the vaqueros went back to Mexico (California), and left a few guitars behind. Hawaiians were intrigued and played around with tunings, and eventually came up with what we now call kihoalu, or slack key tuning.  It sounded beautiful and has stuck to this day.  

As for our CS-10V Concert Paniolo guitar, the appearance and tone is similar to the old style guitars in Hawaii.
It has a deep "gutsy" resonance, which combines perfectly with open slack key tunings. 

The CS-10V model has a short scale neck, and the neck meets the body at the 12th fret, producing warmth and depth.
Although it's new and pretty, it sounds like an old cowboy..... old and worn (not worn out, just aged). 

Additional Information

Model CS-10V Concert Vintage Paniolo
Dimensions Box - 48x20x9
Finish satin
Package Includes Hardshell arched top wooden case- Oasis Humidifier Custom setup & Insured Shipping

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