BN-10D Tenor Guitar

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BN-10D Tenor Guitar


BN-10D Tenor Guitar 


Tenor Guitar, Nylon 4 String

Back and sides:  Solid Acacia
Top Soundboard:  Solid Acacia
Top and Back Binding:  Solid Wood
Fingerboard and Bridge:  Ebony
Nut and Saddle:  Bone

Rosette:  Abalone
Overall Length:  35 1/2"  900 mm

Lower Bout Body Width:  13 5/8"   348 mm
Scale Length:  23"  584mm

Neck to Body:  14th fret
Headstock:  Slotted
Nut Width:  1 3/8"

Tuners:  Grover 97-18 Open Gear
String Set:  .030 wound, .035 wound, .033 plain, .028 plain
Finish:  Gloss
Includes a Custom Hardshell Case 



BN-10D Tenor Guitar 

Our Tenor Guitar is a variation of the traditional steel string Tenor Guitars of the past.   For Pono Guitars it actually started with a famous Hawaiian musician named Buddy Fo.  He has since passed away, but he is still well respected in the Hawaiian islands. 

He played a Martin Tenor Guitar, which was on occasion in our shop for repairs.  Interestingly he was the only musician we knew of who used nylon strings on an X braced Tenor Guitar (designed for steel strings).  Back in the 40's, 50's and 60's the Tenor Guitar was popular in folk and country bands, but always with steel strings. 

But Buddy always strung his with nylon strings, much like a Baritone ukulele.  I loved it, and restrung and tuned mine the same.  But I always knew that the tone could be better if the guitar was designed for nylon strings rather than the top X bracing for the tension of steel strings. I wish he was here to see and play our Pono Tenor Guitar, specially made for nylon strings. 

Eventually we redesigned the body and internal bracing of a traditional Tenor Guitar, including a wider fingerboard to allow more finger spacing for nylon strings.  And finally last year at the NAMM show we introduced our new Tenor Guitar.   It was only recently that someone emailed that they had also made a nylon string Tenor Guitar.  Other than that, as far as we know there are no manufacturers making nylon string Tenor Guitars.  Actually there is probably no one making any Tenor Guitars.  But they should.  They are fun and a great addition to many different styles of music.  Some think of it as a very large baritone 'ukulele, which is why we named it BN.  The initials stand for Baritone Nui (Nui is large in the Hawaiian language).  So, it's a somewhat of a "big" Baritone 'ukulele. 

Tuning is the same as a Baritone 'Ukulele, and also the same as the top four strings of a guitar, DGBE.  We set up our BN-10D with a wound #3 and wound #4 (nylon classical strings).  But there is probably a variety of string combinations possible.  In fact, tunings can be changed around to accomodate mandolin, or octave mandolin chords. 

Video shows the verstility of this instrument.  

 BN-10D is $879 and includes a custom Hardshell Case, and Free US Domestic 2 day shipping.

Additional Information

Model BN-10D Tenor Guitar
Dimensions 46x20x9
Finish Gloss
Package Includes Hardshell arched top wooden case- Shipping and Custom setup.

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