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even going to go to the market ., Directly across from Xu Qiang said: "Come on, tetra-t!" Xu Qiang frustration, sigh, is led out of the door Xu basil. Wild boar plump ass, that ass two lump of fat is with its body twisting and twitching, Xu basil gratuitous swallowed, eyes suddenly been stripped presents a golden roast suckling pig, mouth a bite, OMG, mud. How she was short of money, and do not steal or rob, to survive on their own hands, and the most annoying thing is people look down on the poor. ." Xu basil scared out of his chin fast, her chest now even though Wang Zi bread can not be considered, but this man has changed too, state it, it will be the first time to see her to her clothes torn, and also take pocket bread insult her aunt really can endure, t can not tolerate, waving his fist toward the man is immediately hit to his face, shouted and cursed: "Your grandmother, even Wang Zi small steamed bread also fail to get you to evaluate, light long a husk, Pa layer of skin you even this girl a finger can not match. "Shaner, my acting is really bad what?" Xiongxiong with pitiful eyes looked at Shan. So, this is used to start the eighth body strength.

But, but why such a younger brother, made her feel different world this rare warmth. "That . you do not control, she said Tuesday anyway, eat and eat, as long as you wait for the next look purple nightshade trying to be difficult. This beautiful mountain Wowo, it touches on a pension a good place, wooded, deep-rooted, the way is verdant green of a large, but like rare herbs actually have not seen, in order to complete the task, that is, there did not look at the He began to pull the grass." Liu Xu basil a harsh glare, are still pushed into things yesterday vengeful, but hand on the arm basil Xu Ning Leyi, is twisted away from the deformation of the waist, and pretty soon, they fetched a pot. "Old everyone, not dead, that the days are bright, do not know to get up and do breakfast ah." Said , Yu some sigh.

""You say this house a home milk thief, it looked less food, income before dinner gave everything into her house, and later to cook rice this amount had to be her, and it should be through her hands salt oil . Xu basil eat pain, suddenly recovered, but it is single-handedly directly to Liu pushed to the ground, a room full of people scared stare big eyes, but staring at her teeth.However, she was holding the two sisters to accelerate the pace, waiting for that witch is only pig chase afterwards, As for the future, who can be expected. Cheap NFL Jerseys,Cheap NFL Jerseys china,Cheap NFL Jerseys nike,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale " The past few days I saw this stove smoke inside, but could not see the flames, and it looked wood waste, but this thing is not familiar, think about it, is to find where reason, which are too wet firewood. (An author: slowly though the killer, but she does not foam as much, but she foam trained cold-blooded killer. He stood in the doorway watching all this effort to get Xu basil applauded. "Brother, that is the country girls, quietly kicked ass.